Do you want to increase the value of your business?

Transforming a business can often be a complex and daunting process fraught with obstacles and challenges. For most business leaders, the process of change is something that is also done on top of the day job, limiting the time, effort and focus that can be dedicated to the process.

And so there comes a time in the lives of most business leaders when they need some additional support from an experienced business transformation practitioner. Someone that’s been there and done it before, understands his or her perspective and can act as a trusted partner.

Our team at Rubik’s Cube have decades of senior management experience and understand the business leader’s perspective. All members of our team are seasoned practitioners with success in small, medium and large-scale businesses.

We offer a range of services for any type of business that wants to grow and transform whether its supporting your strategy development, undertaking competitive and industry analysis, base-lining your current business performance or helping in strategy implementation.

Our approach is structured so that you can pick and choose the elements you want and is designed so demonstrate value at each stage of the process. We bring with us the best practices from the worlds of Business Strategy and Architecture.

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Our Vision

We see a thriving business community able to adapt to a rapidly changing world. We see a successful joint partnership underpinned by the values of openness, honesty, integrity, commitment and hard work. We believe that success is a two-way process dependent on your feedback and our commitment to continual improvement

Our Mission

To be the acknowledged experts in business transformation