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Transformation Lifecycle

The Business Model canvass is one of my favourite products as a Business Architect and is the second major product in our Transformation Lifecycle. The BMC (template found here)  decomposes business into 9 key elements shown below


The right hand side of the canvas is customer facing and deals with your Customers and whom you are dependent on a sources of revenue. Customers are provided value by virtue of your Value Proposition. The way you engage with you customers is through some form of relationship. Products and Services are promoted to customers through various Channels.

The left hand side of the Canvas deals with how you are organised to deliver value to you customers. This includes all the various processes, the assets you use including people, which have capabilities. Where value cannot be created internally you will use partners and all of the above comes at a cost, which is caught in the cost structure.

The beauty of this canvas is in support of the initial brainstorming sessions. Its a fantastic tool for looking holistically at your business model and then looking across the model for impact and reality checking.

For instance, you may have a goal to double revenue but when you look at the processes that need scaling and the capabilities of internal staff and partners may not be realisable without refinement or suitable alternatives.

And now you haven’t lost money or put your business at risk.

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