Understanding the Business Macro Environment – Part 2

Today, we will continue our research into the macro environment using Enfield as the target area. In case you missed part 1, here is a link below

Understanding the Business Macro Environment – Part 1

Recall the diagram below showing the macro environment within the transformation lifecycle

Transformation Lifecycle

Below, is a post code map of the Enfield Borough, which will help us with a visual analysis of the target area

Enfield Post Code Map

The below table also helps us with a more thorough listing of all post codes.

We can use government data to drill down. For this blog I’ve provided a link below. Note: We have our own database with a much richer data set.

Director of London Businesses

Although the file is over 300Mb in size it can be opened in Excel and analysed thoroughly

For this exercise, we have taken the Post Codes above and filtered out all unnecessary information. This brings the file size down to a more manageable 3.7Mb.

What we find are the following:

  • Total number of businesses Registered           =          16,943
  • Total number of active businesses                   =          15,952
  • Total number of inactive businesses                =          991

Of the 991 inactive businesses, the following table gives a breakdown

For this exercise, the companies we are interested in are the active ones and so lets look at a decomposition of those companies by SIC code (SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification)

So, lets look at the top 10 SIC codes in the table below

Once we have identified a SIC code of interest, we can do several things including drill down further to the business level or go wider, including industry level information such as revenue per SIC

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