Are you a Rock Star or a Musician?

The below diagram shows the transformation lifecycle

I spend a lot of time with people who are either in business or trying start their own business and I can quickly separate these into three categories that will determine whether they will be successful or not. These are:

  1. Rock Stars
  2. Musicians
  3. Both

The Rock Stars tend to spend a lot of time in Online forums such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at the centre of these forums is normally someone acting like the Pied Piper selling the dream. I’m not dissing the forums because they provide a valuable service for people to commune. I think self-awareness is a great business skill and if you are aware of your need to commune and you get that need met, I welcome it.

Then there are the Musicians who really know how to make music. These are the people who are in love with the activities of running their business and spend more time with their customers solving customers problems and continually adapting their business to suit the customer

Finally, there are those small number of people who can do both.

Ask yourself the following question.

Do I spend more of my time thinking about myself being successful or do I spend more of my time about make my prospects or customers more successful?

Musicians think about their music. They know the intricacies such as which chords go well together, how to emphasize certain notes and about phrasing etc.

Rock Stars spend most of their time thinking about the size of the crowd and how much adulation they are getting.

The most successful Rock Stars are also musicians. Listen to Ronnie Wood – he can certainly play, and Liam Gallagher can certainly sing.

I say this because in the harsh world of business you do need to be both a Rock Star and a Musician.

You need to be the person that knows his customers but also add a little chutzpah and project success.

At Rubiks Cube, we can certainly help you with the music and we can do this in a structured way where you can see the value.

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