Negotiating Change

Over the last 30 years I’ve been involved in many transformation projects and as time passes I see an increasing involvement of our partners and stakeholders within the business i.e. as an integral part of the team, which is a great thing. As the number of stakeholders grows, however, so does the complexity of those discussions about what change looks like, to whom and when. As a business change professional we all have to get much better at negotiating our away through different stakeholder views but you wont see much about this in any training course or body of knowledge. This lead me to finding out more about the process of negotiating and who better than the FBI who are trained to deal with the most terrifying of all negotiation situations – a hostage situation. For those interested below is a link to a great book by Gary Noesner (Chief FBI negotiator) who recounts experiences such as WACO. Without giving too much away, its about building trust and the use of empathy


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