Would you ever build a home without a Building Architect? Most people wouldn’t. But many people would try and a build a business without a Business Architect. And that’s why so many businesses fail in the first years or struggle when times are hard.

Like a Building Architect, Business Architects can develop different views of your business. A Building Architect will create a different set of models or drawings for different purposes such as construction, engineering, technical , electrical, which collectively describe the whole structure.

A Business Architect is no different and will be able to provide different views of your business and which collectively describe your business model. Some examples are Product Models, Customer Models, Value Models, Financial Models, Process Models, Organisational and Capability Models.

The beauty of working with a Business Architect is that the models he creates allow any decision maker to see which elements of his or her business are impacted by any change in strategy. Working with a Business Architect prior to executing a strategy helps de-risk change and save serious amounts of money before any big commitments are made.

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